Our belief in living simply extends to the realm of design. Simplicity can be found in our design approach, our choice of materials, the construction process, and of course, in the design itself.

Who we are

We (Melissa Medeiros and Christina Frank) met while getting our Master’s degrees in the University of Washington landscape architecture program. Since then, we’ve formed a great working partnership and friendship. While we have a very similar design aesthetic, we tend to obsess over slightly different aspects of the work, which makes us an unbeatable team.

missyandtule     Melissa

I am a design nerd:   As the child of an art-lover and a botanist, I have been wandering the halls of museums and roaming the wilderness since i was a youngster. I designed vacation homes when i was 8, went to architecture camp at 15, and enrolled in the architecture program at UC Berkeley at 18. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when i discovered landscape architecture.

I am a hippie modernist:   Wild and woolly native landscapes, traditional Japanese zen gardens, edible permaculture gardens, even nana’s garden with a rose trellis and lilacs, I love them all. But simple, modern landscapes are my real love. Clean lines, simple plantings, and well-chosen materials give a sense of calm and order. Carefully planned minimalist gardens can be environmentally wise as well; a simple garden is easy to maintain, requires less resources, and looks great year-round.

I’m a lazy gardener (but a smart designer):   I don’t while away my free time puttering in the garden, or spend all my hard-earned cash at boutique nurseries. Instead, I use plants that perform and materials that last. I create affordable landscapes that look spectacular year-round with a minimum of effort.

I love my clients, and I love their projects:   I really do. I am honored that my clients trust me with their time, their money, and their projects. I dive into each project with an enthusiasm for design, and a passion to uncover the best approach to each problem. I work hard to meet my clients’ needs from conceptual design to the final stages of construction, and I have a great time doing it.

perfect food:   Taco. No, corndog. No, definitely taco.

misschrissandpoppy     Christina

Chris is pretty awesome. But she’s gonna make you wait a bit to see just how awesome she is. Leave ‘em wanting more. That’s her motto.