Our design process: Although every project is a little different, here are some of the steps we’d go through in a typical residential landscape design process:

Free 1 hour site visit:

  • Get to know each other
  • Do a walk-through of the site
  • Determine your goals for how the landscape should function
  • Get a feel for your personal taste and aesthetic preferences
  • Discuss best approach for the project (hourly or bid)

Conceptual Design Phase:

  • Take measurements and use existing plans to create a base plan
  • Confirm your goals and objectives with questionnaire & email communication
  • Create sketches of possible layouts
  • Create a working document of images: plants and materials
  • Gather ‘precedent’ images of other projects and furnishings
  • Get together to discuss the conceptual drawings and images
  • Begin to refine the plan and choose a design direction

Design Refinement and Production:

  • Determine the ideal hardscape and plant layout
  • Determine the final plant palette and material palette
  • Review layout and plant / material lists
  • Make final adjustments

Design Production:

Develop final drawing set in CAD including:

  • Layout plan with dimensions
  • Material plan
  • Planting plan
  • Final plant image document

Additional Design Development

May include a customized design of :

  •  Custom site furnishings such as benches, water feature, or a firepit
  •  Structures such as arbors, fences, or exterior buildings
  •  Sculptural elements

Construction Administration/Consultation

Usually on a time and materials basis. May include:

  •  Cost estimation
  •  Construction meetings
  •  Sourcing and coordinating with landscape contractors
  •  Hardscape layout coordination and quality assurance
  •  Plant placement and on-site troubleshooting